Catering industry

The Netherlands has a record number of pubs, bars, restaurants, lunch affairs, hotels, bed and breakfasts and other catering establishments.

Catering is an acronym that stands for hotel, restaurant and cafe. Something falls under the heading of Hospitality if alcoholic beverages offered and sold. So not every coffee shop is part of the hospitality industry. There are five different levels of hospitality:

  • Level 1: fast service. For example, there are pizzerias, creperies, cafes, ice cream shops, snack bars, coffee and tea business and lunchrooms under
  • Level2: night service. Logically, that’s discos, dance halls, hall rental, night cafes and societies of students.
  • Level 3: ordinary (dining) cafes and bar
  • Level 4: resuarants, coffee business, but also the aforementioned ice cream parlors or lunchrooms.
  • Level 5: The all in one package: the hotel.


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