An interior architect (formerly: interior) is engaged in all aspects of the interior; space layout, shape, light (both artificial and natural light), and materials. The interior architect shapes the environment. His profession is interior design, interior architecture and spatial design called.

Nowadays the training for interior designer equated with training as an architect, urban designer or landscape architect and has a Master degree.

Previously, the interior designer was switched on when the architect had designed the building. Now more and more design of building and furnishing combined. That creates more unity.

Through drawings, the interior architect drew up the plans clearly; plans, sections, 3D models and visualizations help to create a clear picture for the client and the performers.

In the Netherlands, the title interior designer protected. To be allowed to use the title is an entry in the register of architects needed. The Association of Dutch Interior BNI in the Netherlands represents the interests of the profession exercisers.

In Flanders, the title “interior designer” used exclusively by graduates from the same training. Further still circulate interior designer or interior decorator indicating advisers, mostly working in home furnishings. The association of interior designers is AINB.


  • Netherlands:
    • Training as an interior designer is to follow by the WAT Act (Title Architect) accredited training.
    • In the Netherlands has (since December 31, 2014) after successfully completing the bachelor’s degree to be subsequently followed a two-year Master Interior before one himself as an interior designer can be registered in the register of architects. Also, from January 1, 2015 a two-year period of professional experience required for registration with the Office Architects Register. Details of the transitional arrangements can be found in the WAT (Article 12).

  • Flanders:
    • At the level Bachelor offer four colleges in the training room design.
    • At the level bachelor and master the training interior designer offered along with the education architect. The theoretical subjects in the early years are very similar; practice commands differ. The architectural program has a two-year program, the interior designers a one-year master. Inter alia, the Artesis, the College of Science and Arts in Brussels and Ghent, and the Provincial Hogeschool Limburg in Hasselt.